Thailand Formats

This website details what formats are used in Thailand and how to use, convert and validate them.

There are numerous formats used in Thailand which are completely unique to Thailand and not found anywhere else in the world.

These include Thailand size and distance formats such as distances, areas and speeds. Although they may typically be only used in formal settings, it’s still important to know and understand the formats should the occasion arise.

Thai numbers and dates are used on a lot of official paperwork and if you can manage to learn them you will find dealing with a number of situations much easier.

Thai addresses and domain names are unique to the point that houses numbers are often not in sequence and purchasing a Thai domain name involves almost as much paperwork as setting up a company itself.

Thai ID cards have been in circulation for almost 100 years now and have changed formats many times since then with even young children now being issued with ID cards.

And last but not least, learn to understand the format of Thai phone numbers and the different companies which offer Thai landline and mobile numbers.