Thailand Domain Name Formats


Thai domain names are managed and allocated by the organisation Thnic


Extension Usage For use by companies, needs Thai company registration For individuals, less restrictions on availability For academic institutes For government organisations For organisation For open use For military use
.ไทย For Thai language domain names

The most popular prefix for domain names has always been .com although in recent years many more options have become available. It is also possible to buy a country specific domain name although some countries have specific requirements including Thailand. We will explain the process of buying and registering Thai domain names below.

It has been possible to register for a Thailand domain name, for example, since 1990 through the T.H.NIC. Co., Ltd. (THNIC) who authorise the issuance of such domains.

The registration of domains is a very complex affair and is fraught with the need to supply lots of company paperwork. However, for those who are interested to promote their business solely within Thailand, this might be a good option. Of course, a domain / website could also be used in conjunction with a .com or .org. To register the domain name requested must be exactly the same as the name of the registered company and this company must also be financially solvent by way of assets or annual balance sheet.

For a foreigner looking to purchase a domain within Thailand, the registered Thai company must have a majority of Thai shareholders before the registration can be completed.

There is much debate as to whether a domain has any advantages over a traditional .com or .org etc. The choice is very much dependent upon the target market of the domain purchaser. As with or where again these domains are only allowed to be purchased by a company within those respective countries and with the specific name requirement. In 2022 it is much more common for a company to look to purchase a .com or .org etc as opposed to a specific country limited domain. The issue today is the limited supply of domains. If one searches for a particular domain, it is almost impossible to find the availability of what one is looking for and therefore, the purchaser may have to go down a more obscure domain name route.

There are also several specifics within the Thai domain registry list. For example, (governmental), (commercial), (military) and so on.

Another sub-category within the domain listings brought into use in 2010 was the use of .ไทย. (Thai). This has been adopted by tens of thousands of users by 2021 as a domain for either individual Thai persons, companies or organisations. However, this is a very specific domain and is primarily intended for users within Thailand.

In 2022 due to the pandemic we are beginning to see the emergence of QR codes being use as a leader to a website primarily due to its ease of use by modern day smartphones, but also as the QR system is virtually limitless. This expansion of the QR code is seen as a playing field leveller where its not so import from a hierarchal position as all QR codes look the same, but it offers the “scanner” a one-touch access direct to the domain regardless of the domain or .com status.